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Request for Interview with the NCGM staff members


  • As a rule, we cannot make arrangements on the same day you requested.
  • As a rule, only weekdays are available.
  • In the case of an interview with a physician, as a general rule, we cannot arrange for the interviewer to appear on a TV program during outpatient hours.
  • We may not be able to meet your request because physicians’ normal work takes priority.
  • We cannot connect your call directly to the physician whom you wish to interview.

After the Interview

  • Please confirm the content of newspaper/magazine articles and other written media with the interviewee in advance. Medical articles can lead to health or life issues if misunderstood.
  • After the publication of the article, magazine, etc., please provide a copy to the Office of Public Relations, in addition to the person to be interviewed.
  • For TV broadcasts, please provide us with a DVD (even if it is only the relevant section).
  • If you wish to post the information on a website, etc., please send us a screen capture or URL of the relevant page.

Interview Request Form

  • Please download here.
  • Interview Request Form should be sent to:
    press@hosp.ncgm.go.jp (Office of Public Relations)
    Note: This address is for interviews only. We cannot respond to other questions or requests.